Radiological Engineering and Health Physics Services
8809 Washington St. NE Suite 150
Albuquerque, NM 87113

Fax: (505) 797-1404
Phone: (505)-298-4224
Health Physics
Kenneth R. Baker, PhD., Principal - Health Physicist
Mike Schierman, CHP - Health Physicist
Randy Whicker, CHP - Health Physicist
Neil Wrubel, CHP - Health Physicist
Contracts and Client Services
Chuck Farr - Operations Manager
Engineering and Design
Tyler Alecksen - Engineer
Equipment Rental
Scott Heronimus - Equipment Manager
Environmental Science
Sam Paterniti - Environmental Scientist
Dave Norwood - Radiological Technician
Jake Halstead - Radiological Technician
Mary Senn - Accounting Specialist
Fidela Farr - Accounts Supervisor