Radiological Engineering and Health Physics Services
Key Features
Very High Accuracy Indoor Positioning System ( < 2")
Real-Time Mapping of Radiological Data AND Building Layout
Standalone Positioning Sensor (No External Beacons)
Capability to Export Data to GIS Compatible Files (.shp)

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ERG 105F Floor Monitor
The importance of position coorelated radiological data is well-known in outdoor environments due to the availability of GPS. We are proud to offer the same functionality indoors using our highly advanced method of positioning.

The Model 105F offers the same functionality as the Ludlum 239-1F but includes a standalone positioning sensor and laptop to capture all the necessary data. Once collected, data may be quickly converted to surface activity measurements using daily efficiencies and exported to shapefile, excel, or text files within seconds. Because no setup is necessary for positioning, and all data conversions are automated, the system provides tremendous cost savings when compared to traditional scanning methods while providing the highest quality of position correlated radiological data desired by regulators.

We offer in-house demonstrations of any of our systems. Please contact us and we will setup an appointment to demonstrate how simple our systems are to operate as well as the potential cost-savings they can provide.