Radiological Engineering and Health Physics Services
RadScout GPS Gamma System
Real-Time Mapping with Sub-Meter Accuracy
Designed specifically for gamma GPS surveys, the RadScout system incorporates a ruggedized handheld tablet, sub-meter accuracy GPS receiver, wireless 2221, and the ERG Rad Scout software that provides real-time mapping and robust data collection.

The system provides all the necessities of a gamma data collection system, such as real-time data processing and navigation, but without the need for expensive processing software. Data are exported to a removable drive and may be managed using desktop software (included), or may be exported directly to shapefile format.
No Third Party Software Wireless Communication Field GIS Capabilities
The RadScout software supports exporting collected data directly to shapefile format, eliminating the need for expensive processing software. The system comes with our Bluetooth Ludlum 2221 which provides a completely wireless interface between the meter, hand-held data logger, and sub-meter GPS receiver. The RadScout software accepts popular GIS file types, including georeferenced image files and ESRI shapefiles.
UAV The ERG RadScout software incorporates a fully customizable legend for real-time and background gamma data. This capability significantly increases data quality and minimizes costs by allowing field personnel to bound contamination, locate hot spots, and ensure survey completion, all while in the field.
Our 2221s incorporate Bluetooth radio communication which allows a completely cable free interface between the meter, data logger, and GPS receiver. When sub-meter accuracy is not necessary, the tablet GPS may be used to significantly reduce the necessary hardware in the field.
  • Supports Shapefiles and georeferenced image backgrounds
  • Location-to-point navigation
  • Supports all major coordinate systems
  • Create and add feature points in Shapefile format
  • Includes tablet serial port when wired connection is preferred
  • Exports data directly to removable drive (no special cables required)
Free training is available at the ERG office for the setup and operation of the system. ERG will provide training personnel and lunch or dinner for the day.
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