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ERG provides superior customer service and quality instrumentation. We take pride in both our large inventory of equipment, and in the relationships we’ve developed with our customers.

ERG personnel use the same equipment on our projects that we offer to you. We have both the in-field practical experience and understand theory of operation for all of our instruments.
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Featured Rental Items
Other We now rent our 105G handheld GPS system with RadScout software, designed exclusively for GPS based gamma surveys. The software provides real-time mapping with the ability to view gamma data using customizable legends. The system comes with our Bluetooth 2221 and Bluetooth sub-meter GPS receiver to provide a completely wireless, yet ruggedized interface. Learn more or view in rental items
Other Our most advanced indoor surveying system is now available for rent. The system, built on the functionality of the Ludlum 239-1F, features a six zone zinc sulfide plastic scintillator detector, stand-alone indoor positioning system (no external beacons) with less than two inch accuracy, a motor driven axle for maintaining scanning velocity, and all the necessary software to perform calculations and export data to Shapefile (.shp), Excel, or raw text.