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ERG provides superior customer service and quality instrumentation. We take pride in both our large inventory of equipment, and in the relationships we’ve developed with our customers.

ERG personnel use the same equipment on our projects that we offer to you. We have both the in-field practical experience and understand theory of operation for all of our instruments.
Specifications ERG Model 104G
High Density GPS Survey System
The ERG 104G utilizes a Ludlum 4612, a common GPS receiver, and an IMU to obtain gamma measurements with extremely high accuracy positions from up to 12 detectors simultaneously. The system comes with an interface box, and a tablet or laptop for data collection. Rental price also includes all analysis software necessary to generate shapefile (or similar) survey files. Weekly and monthly pricing do not include radiation detectors or cart/UTV. Please use pricing for detectors from the ERG Equipment Rental webpage, and call for cart/UTV pricing options.
Weekly Price: $2,500     Price/4 Weeks: $5,700