Radiological Engineering and Health Physics Services
ERG has decades of experience with providing advanced technical solutions for difficult problems associated with radiological detection and characterization. Below are just a few key examples of our technical experience.
Gamma Detection UAV
UAV ERG teamed up with UAVAmerica to provide multi-rotor drones capable of performing radiation surveys in limited and inaccessible areas. The development of the drone-based survey capability was developed primarily for use in mapping radiation levels in challenging environments, including extremely rough terrain, other unsafe environments for ground personnel, or in sensitive areas where soil and vegetation disturbance may be an issue.

ERG personnel performed all software development and embedded controller design to collect radiological data from onboard instrumentation, and display the transmitted data in real-time on the control computer. Learn more
Alpha/Beta Pipe Scanner
UAV ERG was tasked with releasing several dozen pipes from a uranium facility. In order to scan the interior of the pipes, ERG developed a pipe scanner capable of scanning 100 percent of the interior surface for both alpha and beta contamination. The pipe scanner contained 12 Geiger Muller detectors in a circular pattern, a front facing camera for navigational purposes, and a stepper motor for driving the scanner at a pre-defined scanning speed.

ERG personnel designed the pipe scanner to meet specific detection capabilities and performed all software development to remotely view the scanner camera, control the speed, and collect the radiological data for documentation. The scanner was successfully used to release approximately 100 8-inch, and 10-inch diameter pipes in 2014.
Handheld GPS Software
UAV ERG has been performing GPS walkover surveys since 1994 and has extensive experience with maximizing productivity and data quality. This experience, combined with our technical capabilities has allowed us to develop software used exclusively for gamma walkover surveys that provides numerous advantages over traditional software.

The software, developed for a Windows hand-held field computer features real-time gamma display, adjustable legends, shapefile and background image support, and extensive error protection to prevent loss of data in the field. ERG personnel have also incorporated Bluetooth radio with the Ludlum model 2221 to allow a completely wireless connection between the meter, data logger, and sub-meter antenna. Learn more
GPS Gamma-Scan MDC Calculator
UAV With the growing popularity of using GPS for gamma radiation surveys, the need to quantify the scanning detection capability has become necessary. ERG has developed an online tool to assist with approximating the MDC for GPS-based scanning surveys.

ERG personnel automated MCNPX and performed all the technical analysis to build the database of numerical values required to determine MDCs. The approach has been approved and published by the Health Physics Journal. Learn More and Go to the Online Calculator Here
Alpha/Beta Indoor Surface Contamination Scanner
UAV One of our most popular and widely used systems was developed to provide indoor positioning coupled to simultaneous alpha/beta collection and real-time mapping. The system has been used in more than 12 large facilities for release surveys and has been highly successful at detecting contamination. The system is also currently used by a national laboratory for routine release surveys.

ERG personnel developed all software and embedded systems to perform the indoor positioning, couple the radiological data, and display all positional data in real-time on a control computer. Learn more
GPS Multi-Detector Interface Box
UAV Often it is necessary to perform GPS surveys which require a very small detector spacing to obtain 100 percent detection coverage. Traditionally, multiple GPS systems could be used on a single UTV or push cart, however the additional hardware increased costs, complexity, and required significantly more data processing to manage multiple data loggers.

To overcome these obstacles, ERG developed the 104G interface box which is capable of routing up to 12 detectors with a single GPS antenna, all controlled by a single tablet or laptop providing real-time mapping. The system provides significant costs for multi-detector array setups and has been used successfully by several government agencies to perform depleted uranium cleanup. Learn more