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Micro Rem /Sievert Tissue Equivalent Survey Meters
Product Description
The Micro Rem and Micro Sievert models read absorbed dose rate directly so no conversion from mR/h (or mSv/h) is required. The instrument can be customized with practical options to match the requirements of individual survey situations. Linear Response at all energies.

Product Detail

The Micro Rem and Micro Sievert models are ideal in applications where accurate dose rate measurements of low radiation levels are required. They read absorbed dose rate directly so no conversion from mR/h (or mSv/h) is required.
The tissue-equivalent scintillator used in the Micro Rem and Micro Sievert gives them a nearly flat, rem energy response. This rem response is based on the deep dose equivalent index for 1 cm (0.39") depth, uniparallel directional beam as calculated on the ICRU standard sphere.

These instruments give tissue-equivalent photon response for X-ray and gamma radiation from environmental levels of 0 to 20 µrem/h (0 to 0.2 µSv/h) full scale up to normal survey levels of 200 mrem/h (2 mSv/h) full scale.

Rugged construction and quality components make the Micro Rem and Micro Sievert durable and easy to service. Internal components are laid out on modular circuit boards. Span, HV, and calibration pots (one for each range) are clearly marked.

The exclusive HV check assures that the high voltage required for proper operation of the detector is supplied. This is important for accurate readings.

Two 9 Volt batteries power the instrument. You can check their condition with a control switch setting.

Options can be combined for maximum versatility.

The expanded low energy response option extends the instrument's low energy cutoff to 17 keV (vs. 40 keV) for the standard instruments.

The extended detector option mounts the internal detector so that its sensitive area extends out from the front of the instrument case bottom. This makes it easier to survey certain hard-to-reach locations.

Range. Five linear ranges:

Micro Rem Micro Sievert
Range µrem/h µSv/h
x0.1 0 to 20 0 to 0.2
x1 0 to 200 0 to 2
x10 0 to 2,000 0 to 20
x100 0 to 20,000 0 to 200
x1000 0 to 200,000 0 to 2,000

These instruments' rem response and accuracy set them apart from conventional "micro R" meters that use Nal(TI) detectors. Nal(TI) detectors overrespond to low energies and produce erroneously high readings. Also, you have to convert µR/h readings to µrem/h to get absorbed dose.

Power Reactors
Because of its sensitivity and accurate readings, you can use the instrument for setting the boundaries of specific dose rate areas. The overresponse of micro R meters often leads to unrealistic boundaries (through buildings, past a fenceline, etc.).
X-Ray Device Monitoring

A Micro Rem or Micro Sievert with the expanded low energy response option meet or exceed the instrumentation requirements of 21 CFR1 020.10 and 21 CFR1 020.40. You can use one to survey color TV monitors and all cabinet x-ray systems.
Uranium Processing/Mining Cleanup Operations
The tissue equivalency (rem response) of a Micro Rem or Micro Sievert produces much more accurate environmental measurements than do micro R meters.
The instrument has many uses for environmental measurement companies, consultants, geophysical companies, laboratories, and accelerators.

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