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ERG Model 104G Multi-Detector Array Survey System - High-accuracy gamma surveys from a single low-cost interface box.
Our GPS interface box utilizes a Ludlum 4612, a common GPS receiver, and an IMU to obtain gamma measurements with extremely high accuracy positions from up to 12 detector simultaneously. View in Rental Page
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The interface box has major advantages over the traditional methods of multi-detector arrays and with significant cost savings:
Minimal Equipment Superior Spatial Accuracy Advanced Software

The box containes a single Ludlum 4612 meter - capable of 12 detector connections, a single Trimble receiver, a single IMU, and all associated electronics. Compare this to the typical setup that requires 5 Ludlum 2221s, 5 Trimble receivers, 5 GPS antennas, 10 battery packs, and 5 field PCs.

A spatial accuracy of less than 10 inches is typical by utilizing a single GPS unit, an IMU, and a series of custom filtering techniques. In addition, the software always maintains the correct heading, even when going in reverse or making quick turns. This capability overcomes the problems associated with the typical approach of using the GPS locations alone for obtaining heading.

Data collection uses only a single off-the-shelf tablet and provides real-time display for all detectors (up to 12 simultaneously). The software provides the capability to flag exceeding values in red, receive a warning when counts are too low, and even support all coordinate system transformations for loading background layers. Software also supports the ability to easily manage data and export to shapefile format without the need to purchase third-party software.

Discrete Particle Detection Lightweight and Versatile

Counts are logged in both ratemeter counts (identical to the Ludlum 2221), and one second scalar counts. The one second scalar counts allow the detection of small discrete particles that are otherwise 'averaged out' using a ratemeter mode.

The light weight box draws very little power and was designed to be used with a baby jogger, ATV, or automobile with little or no modification. It can be powered using a standard cigarette lighter or a small 12 volt DC battery.

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