Radiological Engineering and Health Physics Services
Professional Services
Summarized Representative Capabilities
Radiological Engineering
  • MCNP- Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code Modeling
  • Data collection and analysis software development
  • Environmental Pathway Dose Modeling and Assessment
  • Shielding analysis and design (MICROSHIELD, MCNP)
  • Radon Barrier Cover Designs
  • Develop Alternate Concentration Levels for Groundwater Constituents
  • Assessment of internal intakes and external exposures (CINDY, VARSKIN)
  • Design and calibration of sampling and monitoring systems
  • Data collection and transmission engineering design
  • Derivation of remediation goals, release criteria and DCGLs
  • Robotics
Operational Health Physics
  • Staff Augmentation Support
  • Radiation Protection Programs and Procedures
  • Environmental Sampling Plans
  • Low Level Radioactive Waste Management
  • Site-Specific Health and Safety Plans
  • Statistical Analyses for Groundwater Data
Licensing & Regulatory Compliance
  • Nuclear New-Build Licensing Assistance and Start-up
  • Radiological baseline studies
  • License Application, Renewal, Amendments, and Termination
  • Regulatory Compliance and Interface
  • Decommissioning Funding Plans
  • Emergency Response
  • Independent oversight, audit, appraisal, and quality
Decontamination & Decommissioning
  • Historical Site Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Background Studies
  • Site Characterization
  • Open land radiation survey with GPS and In situ gamma spectroscopy
  • Survey Plans and LTP
  • Remediation Planning
  • Data Compilation (copyrighted and proprietary software)
  • Independent Cleanup Verification
  • Prepare Waste Disposal Plans for Radioactive and Mixed Waste
Remediation Planning and Reclamation
ERG has assisted with developing and executing the reclamation plans for multiple sites where cleanup costs exceeded more than $10 million dollars each. Activities included regulatory analyses, site characterization, reclamation plans, verification plans and completion reports, radiological surveys, site management, environmental monitoring, performance assessments, radiation protection and health and safety, developing and operating on-site laboratory, and remedial design. Primary experience has been in radiologically contaminated sites.
Radiological Materials License Tasks
ERG has worked on all phases of NRC radioactive materials licenses (application/maintenance/amendments/termination) for several clients and sites around the country. We have extensive experience working with the uranium production and processing industry, and experience with multiple rare-earths mining and processing clients. We can also assist with regulatory agency reviews and communication. ERG staff have experience running the following models: RESRAD, MILDOS, AERMOD, and many others.
Radiological Engineering/Special Problems
ERG health physicists and engineers assist clients in developing solutions to special problems involving radiation detection systems, data handling and presentation, and software development. Go to Technical Capabilities Page
Indoor and Outdoor Radiological Surveys Using Automated Positioning Systems
ERG began conducting GPS-based radiological surveys in 1994. Since then we have continued to move forward in the development and integration of innovative survey methods and technologies. ERG has used its 3-DISS for automated indoor scanning surveys at National Laboratories where we have surveyed floors and walls for multiple radionuclides. Maps showing radiation level isocontours can be produced on site using ArcGIS Software. These maps along with correlation data are used to delineate areas requiring additional decontamination. This method has been demonstrated to provide more than 50 percent savings compared to conventional surveys. See some examples
Radon Flux Measurements
An improved radon flux canister design has been developed to comply with EPA Method 115 procedures for making radon flux measurements under 40 CFR Part 61. The canister is a one piece self contained unit designed to make the removal and replacement of activated charcoal for each flux measurement unnecessary. Capability for making up to 125 individual measurements during any period of time exists. Thousands of measurements have been made to date. The procedures for use with this flux canister have been approved by the NRC.
GIS Services
ERG handles the display of data using the most advanced software available. Using a combination of ESRI ArcMap software coupled with 3rd party software, extensions, and custom designed add-ons programmed in house, ERG is able to design powerful maps to display radiological and other environmental conditions.
UAV and Drone Services
ERG provides multi-rotor drones capable of performing radiation surveys in limited and inaccessible areas. The development of the drone-based survey capability was developed primarily for use in mapping radiation levels in challenging environments, including extremely rough terrain, other unsafe environments for ground personnel, or in sensitive areas where soil and vegetation disturbance may be an issue. These include areas within and around abandoned uranium mines, culturally sensitive areas, national laboratories, military installations, and other sites. Learn More
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